My goal is to train horses to their full potential, being willing and respectful without frustrating them. I believe in laying a good foundation, gaining body control, bringing them along in their training for reining, cow work, trail, roping,  etc.

It is important to me to have a balanced training program to keep a horse soft and supple. It’s important to have a good attitude toward the horse and recognize it’s strengths and weaknesses. By being a good leader, training is more effective and the horse will perform to its ability.

I specialize in colt starting, tune-ups, gaited and ranch horse training. 



I hold multiple horsemanship clinics throughout the year that include topics  such as reining fundamentals, collection, stops, spins, lead changes, and more. Always a favorite are my cow clinics! Come join us moving cows to learn boxing, penning, and working them out of the herd.